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Grapevine (Vitis vinifera) Extract

Since the beginning of grape cultivation in the Middle East thousands of years ago, grapes have been thought of as a source of wellness and longevity. Many of the health benefits of grapes are also found in the vine. Grapevine extract contains significant levels of stilbenes including trans-resveratrol, which is proven to have protective effects against a number of skin disorders. Resveratrol is also reported to have potent antioxidant activities, including activities against ultraviolet radiation-mediated oxidative stress. In addition, resveratrol has been discovered to inhibit UVB-mediated skin edema and inflammation, and in an in vitro study, resveratrol was able to block the activation of the NFkB inflammatory pathway in normal human epidermal keratinocytes. Research has also shown that resveratrol can suppress the proliferation of keloid fibroblasts in benign (non-cancerous) skin tumors that sometimes form during wound healing.

Olive (Olea europea) Leaf Extract

The olive has been a symbol of health and wellness in the Mediterranean region for centuries. Many of the components that make the olive beneficial to human health are also found in the olive leaf, and olive leaves have been used in traditional medicines for thousands of years. In scientific studies, olive leaf extracts and their phenolic components are reported to have antimicrobial, antioxidant, and wound healing activities. One of the phenolic compounds found in olive leaf extracts, oleuropein, is a potent antioxidant that protects cells from damage caused by free radicals. It has been shown that oleuropein has a direct antioxidant effect on skin, due to its free radical scavenging action at the skin level. Treatment of human embryonic fibroblasts with oleuropein was found to decrease the intracellular levels of reactive oxygen species (ROS). These cells exhibited a delay in senescence and had a fifteen percent (15%) increased lifespan. Oleuropein has many pharmacological properties that aid in the protection of skin cells. It is antimicrobial, it slows the progress of cell aging, protects the skin from environmental stress including chronic UV B radiation-induced skin damage, and it is a potent anti-inflammatory agent.

Green Tea Extract (Camellia Sinensis)

Green tea has been used in traditional medicines for centuries due to its protective and soothing properties. Many of the properties of green tea stem from its polyphenol constituents that can also benefit skin health and wound healing. Green tea polyphenols include epicatechin-3-gallate (ECG) and epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG). Tissue repair and wound healing are complex events that can be delayed by persistent inflammation or by inadequate angiogenic responses. The complexities involved in these events include the interaction of inflammation, re-epithelialization, angiogenesis, granulation and tissue formation, and collagen deposition. Delayed healing leads to chronic wounds and over-healing leads to keloids and hypertrophic scarring. In vivo research indicates that the topical application of ECG results in a significant improvement in scar formation and collagen fiber orientation. This work demonstrates that ECG significantly improves the quality of wound healing due in part to acceleration of the angiogenic response. Many laboratories have also shown that topical treatment with tea polyphenols inhibits chemical carcinogen or ultraviolet radiation-induced skin tumorigenesis in different animal models. Tea polyphenols activate the FOX03a gene, which has been shown to induce cell cycle arrest in cancer cells. In addition, studies have shown that green tea extract possesses anti-inflammatory activity, which is also due to its polyphenolic constituents. Topical treatment with EGCG on mouse skin resulted in the prevention of UVB-induced immunosuppression, and oxidative stress.

Organic Ingredients

Organic certification ensures that plant derived ingredients are produced in a natural and ecologically sound manner, free of toxic chemicals and pesticides. All plant-derived ingredients used in the Viniferamine® and Totally Natural™ product lines are either USDA or EcoCert certified organic to ensure the highest quality and purity.


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