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About Viniferamine

Viniferamine® is a science-based company focused on providing skin and wound care products ranging from early intervention to advanced wound care and incorporating small molecule technology validated by genetic research.

The Viniferamine® product line has been developed to work synergistically. Common ingredients assure consistent delivery of vital nutrients no matter where the patient is in the continuum of care. The system allows the caregiver to develop a treatment plan for the patients that will follow them from early intervention through advanced wound care and back again.

Viniferamine® is a science-based company composed of researchers in the fields of epigenetics, biochemistry and pharmacy.

The product compositions are validated using genetic research obtained from molecular and genetic analysis garnered from the study of our small molecule activity on the entire human genome. Select molecules are then placed in emulsion spheres for translocation of the small molecules across the stratum corneum.