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Clean N Moist

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The chemistry of the Clean N Moist corresponds with the chemistry of the skin. It is perfectly pH balanced to ensure the most fragile skin is gently cleansed without causing irritation. The use of phospholipids, organic phytonutrients, organic shea butter, and other vital nutrients provide nourishment and revitalize skin that has lost its healthy glow. For many patients this single product is all that is necessary to cleanse, moisturize, nourish and provide a protective barrier. Clean N Moist can be used to remove SkinMineralZ.

Active Ingredient: Dimethicone 1.5%

Uses: A skin protectant lotion that gently cleanses skin that may be chapped or cracked, while leaving a temporary protective barrier.

Order No. 56003 8oz Trigger Spray

HCPC A6250


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